I love PES and like most of you reading this article we just want PES to smack FIFA in the face and claim its rightful place at the top of the “best football games” chart. Cuz at this point it’s just frustrating to still get into arguments about which game is better: PES or FIFA. Like have you played PES??? UHN???!!!

In truth these arguments do have some basis and before you PES loyalists close the browsers and throw your phones away, I want you to hear me out. FIFA has a couple of things they’ve been excelling at that keeps dragging players that are about to port to PES back. Those are the things we are gonna talk about today.

Hey, if you didn’t know, PES 2019 release today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Without further ado…

The Commentary

You know, at this point, it just feels like I’m kicking a dead horse. I don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s gotten to the point that me and my guys practically recite Jim Berglin’s next sentence before he says it. Worst part is I hear FIFA players complain about FIFA’s commentary and I just lose it! It’s like they don’t know how good they have it there. Konami might not be as big as EA but they really need to give the commentary a big overhaul. What good is awesome gameplay and graphics if you keep hearing the same thing over and over again? Now, you might as well turn off the commentary and just do it yourself.


Ok, based on the effort Konami put into licenses this year, this point is basically nitpicking but how in Thanos’ butt-chin did they manage to lose the UEFA Champions League license. How??? To be fair FIFA did drive a good bargain and PES did say they prefer having partnerships that give them actual teams as opposed to just cups and music/montage I skip every single time. FIFA/FIFA players ride on the fact that they have more licenses. If PES could break that belief and get us those licenses legally(cuz y’all know you could just download patches or option files for that stuff, right?) , we might be getting that “best football game” award sooner than you think.


Don’t get me wrong, PES 2018’s “Random Selection” match mode was breath-taking to say the least and I always enjoyed taking all or at least the best goal keepers from my friends’ teams. It made it more frustrating for them and extremely funny to watch when they realised the only keeper they have is some dude they’ve never heard of with and OPR of 56 against the likes of Ronaldo. But, this year FIFA stepped it up with about 4 additional game modes. Situations like this really make PES look bad especially when the only thing you have to counter FIFA is Quick Subs (which FIFA had in the previous year) and soundless clips of your customizable manager in Master League. PES really needs to up their game as far as presentation goes because even though reviews have praised PES for being the most realistic football simulation this year. they are still not the best football game. Last year IGN called PES 2018 “an evolution, not a revolution”. What we need is a revolution with all the things we love still intact.

So that’s what we feel PES needs to do to be the best. It’s kinda similar to an article I wrote when PES 18 came out, you can read that here. If you have any additions or objections or just wanna comment please let us know in the comment section below.

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