Hi guys, it’s Dee here. Rumor has it (well, at this point, it’s more than just rumor) that Watch Dogs 3 will be hitting the shelves soon. The Watch Dogs series has been fantastic so far, the whole idea of hacking and shooting (virtually…i repeat…virtually) is like a dream come true for most of us and to be able to play more than 2 games in a franchise that I definitely thought would fizzle out after the second one is a blessing (Thank God Ubisoft has such deep pockets).
Let’s face it, Watch Dogs 2 flopped is the money-making department and even in the player experience part too. You know those games that don’t really make a lot of money but you still enjoy playing over and over again? Yea, no, Watch Dogs 2 wasn’t that and if Watch Dogs 3 doesn’t do better we might be looking at the end of a wonderful series that could have been so much more. Here are 5 Changes We Need To See In Watch Dogs 3.

We Need A Focused Game

focus 5 Changes We Need To See In Watch Dogs 3

Watch Dogs is a stealth game, everybody knows that. But that didn’t stop the developer of Watch Dogs 2 to add some elements of GTA in it. Don’t get me wrong, those developers deserve praise for make the game at least playable but if I wanted to play GTA, I would just play GTA. I went to Watch Dogs 2 for some modern stealthy genocides but instead the game gave me the ability to do it anyhow I wanted and that completely broke the experience. For Watch Dogs 3, the game has to identify as a stealth based game properly (like Watch Dogs 1 did) or at least put systems in place that make us want to play stealthily. And that brings me to my next point.

We Need A Better System

System 5 Changes We Need To See In Watch Dogs 3

Watch Dogs 2 had absolutely no way of checking how you played. It gave absolutely no consequences for playing like a complete tyrant and no rewards for playing like a vigilante. This system was the backbone of the first game so it’s crazy that they removed it for the second game. Without a risk-reward system Watch Dogs 2 just felt bland and without purpose. There was no reason to play stealthily and so the game as a whole felt unnecessary. Watch Dogs 3 has to bring a system like that back if they are expecting players to stick with the game. But that’s not all it needs…

We Need A Better Story

Characters 5 Changes We Need To See In Watch Dogs 3

Watch Dogs 2 was extremely boring because the story felt like it didn’t have an end goal like everyone was just having fun(at least majority of the game felt like that). I get that the overarching story was that they were trying to stop Blume, but I just didn’t care enough to invest time into all the missions. Aiden Pearce’s story from the first game was intriguing and I was interested in the game because I understood his motivations. Watch Dogs 2’s story wasn’t “serious”, in a sense, and gave me no reason to want to finish the game. Watch Dogs 3 has to do better than its predecessor or it will fail too.

We Need An Actual Protagonist

Protagonist 5 Changes We Need To See In Watch Dogs 3

Watch Dogs 2 was all over the place with who the story belonged to. Yea, you play as…crap, I actually forgot the dude’s name. Yea, you play as Marcus but that is not how the game really feels. I found it hard to care about anybody because there were too many characters that felt like they were getting protagonist-grade special treatment. Watch Dogs 2 needs to give us a character that we can invest in and cheer on. Giving us Aiden Pearce for the second game would have been a smart idea but it’s never too late to start a new franchise with a new protagonist.

We Need More Crossovers

Crossover 5 Changes We Need To See In Watch Dogs 3

Ok, this isn’t really a problem but I do think it is something a lot of Ubisoft fans would enjoy. We know from some Assassin’s Creed games that the worlds of Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs are connected. It would be cool if we could get like a mini crossover with an AC character. That would make for a very interesting experience and it would help spice up the game’s story.

So those are my thoughts guys, let me know what you think in the comment section and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss any BlackSense Post

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