It’s hard to imagine life without having an android phone and it’s also common for our batteries to start acting up 6 months after we get it. Sometimes, it might be the fault of the manufacturer (you got a faulty battery) and sometimes (most times) it’s ours. The truth is, we can be very abusive with our batteries without even knowing it and when the battery eventually kicks the bucket we are forced to buy new phones or get replacement batteries, which are probably fake so they eventually destroy our phone and we still have to get new phones.

Yes! All batteries, eventually, degrade and can’t be used anymore but we have a way of speeding up the process or at least not helping it last as long as it can. Bottom line is our batteries are just as important as the phone themselves so we need to learn how to take care of them. Here are 5 Tips To Make Your Battery Life Last Longer.

Do NOT Use Power Saving Apps

I have seen this so many times; People download power saving apps on their phones or tablets because they want the battery to last longer and it’s either there is no change or the battery dies faster now.

“Battery Savers”, at best, can only speed up your device or kill apps that are taking up a lot of power but nowadays apps like that are not needed. After the release of Android 5.0 (Lollipop), it became very obvious that the Android OS could handle most of its processes on its own and manage your battery life better than any app can. In 2018, using a “Power Saver” app actually does more harm than good.

USE The “30-85” Battery Charging Plan

It’s amazing how many people don’t know about this tip. If you are using a Lithium-Ion Battery (don’t bother to check, most phones are nowadays) then this is the absolute best way to charge.

  • Never let your battery hit 0%
  • Charge from 30% to 85%
  • Use until it reaches 25% then charge again
  • ONCE in THREE months drain the battery completely then charge back to 100%

This is good because all batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles(0-100) so the more you drain your battery before you charge it back up, the shorter the life will be. But if you try your best to keep it in the 30-85 charging range and not the 0-100 one, you can increase you battery life exponentially(up to 2 times its normal charge cycle).

Do NOT Charge With Fluctuating Voltage

It’s obvious but many people still don’t take note of it. If you power supply has fluctuating voltage, do not pick that exact time to charge your devices. If you have absolutely no choice you should use a stabilizer so the voltage fluctuations do not destroy your battery and charger. There have been numerous cases of houses burning down because the power supply was note good for the appliances yet the owners still plugged it.

The effects might not even show immediately but over time, charging like that would destroy not only the battery life but the phone itself.

Keep The Temperature Normal

Another terrible way to charge your phone is with your phone case still on. Our phones generate a lot of heat when we charge and if you are using a phone case or pouch that was not provided by the manufacturer you will overheat the battery which will lead to reduced battery life. This is because batteries don’t do so well in awkward temperatures. For Lithium-Ion batteries, high temperatures are the worst and if it’s too cold the battery might not live as long as it could. Low temperatures are harmful to the battery because it needs more energy to keep itself warm enough to operate effectively. That’s why you’ll notice you battery drains much faster in cold weather.

Do NOT Update Your Phones

Now I know this seems a little unusual but truth is that performing system updates from time to time actually wear down your battery and phone. Update apps and doing system updates to fix errors or glitches are fine but updating from one android version to another can lead to some undesirable outcomes. Relax, I’ll explain.

You see, when you update your phone you are basically putting new software on an old device and unless the phone is capable of handling all the new technology being thrown at it, the battery and the phone might get damaged. This is one of the ways phone companies get people to buy new phones because once you phone starts to slow down, power down sooner and becomes generally unusable because of all the new system processes it wasn’t built to handle, you will start to think of getting a new phone. So, if you aren’t thinking of changing your phone anytime soon, it’s probably best you avoid those large OTA updates.

There you have it, 5 Tips to Make Your Battery Life Last Longer…the BlackSense way. If you enjoyed this post and you want to see more make sure you like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The links are down below, the last thing on every page of the site. Just keep scrolling till you see them.

Also, if you have any other tips on how to preserve your battery life, share them in the comment section. Hope you have an awesome day.

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