In case you aren’t caught up with who James Gunn is and why Disney fired him…I’ll run through a quick refresher’s course so you don’t fell lost and abandoned. Good? Okay!

James Gunn is the Director for the Guardians of the Galaxy movies (soon to be trilogy) and he was fired because he said some nasty stuff on twitter. Honestly, that’s all I know. Everywhere I go to find out what he did, all I see is “He tweeted some nasty things” so you know it’s like really really bad stuff. And since Disney has this “Family Friendly” outlook they have to keep going, James Gunn had to be fired. So that’s the gist of it…there’s a lot more but that’s not we are talking about today. Today is for why Disney will absolutely regret firing James Gunn.

PS: If you do manage to find out why exactly Disney fired him or you already know, please tell us in the comment section.

The Cast is Pissed

Drax Angry

David Batista was definitely the first and most open about his feelings towards Disney after the firing but soon after the whole cast and crew of the Guardians of the Galaxy production now stand behind James Gunn. In fact a petition to get James Gunn rehired was started and it got thousands of signatures but that might not matter anymore (more on that later). The actors have made up their minds that the company (Disney) was wrong to fire James Gunn and that there was room for forgiveness and a workaround, especially since he apologized for those tweets before getting his job with Disney. It will be difficult for any new director they bring in to work with a cast that feels that way and whatever flop the movie has would be thrown back in Disney’s face as “This happened because you fired the original director!!!”

Disney is Evil?

Disney Evil

We hear a lot about the regulations and rules Disney puts on its actors and promoters because they are the face of the company and the company is “Family Friendly”. Meaning every single one of them has to be a hero in real life which is why when James (it’s ok if I call him James right???)…which is why when James was fired it wasn’t surprising after we heard about the terrible things he said/tweeted in the past. But now, since this whole thing has blown up and Disney saying that they stand by their decision not to rehire James, Disney has kinda been thrown under a magnifying glass and a lot of hypocritical actions have been identified. Like the fact the Robert Downey Jr has been arrested twice for drug related cases, once for actual possession of drugs (hard drugs) and that Johnny Deep is not a model citizen…like at all..and is always called back everytime there is a Pirates of the Caribbean movie to shoot and even Josh Brolin (Thanos) was arrested in 2004 for beating his wife. So, all this is just being picked out one by one and Disney is starting to look more and more like hypocritcal asses for firing James Gunn.

Huge Losses

James Gunn and DC

Right now, Disney doesn’t want to hire James Gunn back because they believe they will look worse than they do now. I can’t say if that’s true but what I can say without any doubt is that Disney is taking hits everywhere because of this decision. Loss of trust – most people now think Disney is just like every other company, just trying to make money and look out for themselves. And of course that’s true but now everybody knows it too. Loss of money – James Gunn was fired before his contract expired so they have to pay his considerable and if they eventually use his script for the third GOTG movie they will have to pay him more money. Loss of a great director – A lot of studios now want James Gunn to work for them, he couldn’t before but now he can. Warner Bros wants him to work on a DC film for them and I am sure he will do great because he was the one that really introduced the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) to Outer Space and the Universe in general and since most of DC heroes are aliens and gods, I am sure he would help DC crush the competition. Disney isn’t in a good position, far worse than the one James Gunn is in, and I hate to say it but they kinda deserve it.

So that’s what I got guy, hope it made as much sense to you as it did to me. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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