I don’t want to hear it! You sat on it, it dropped, you have so much money that you just don’t know what to do with it….I don’t wanna know. What’s obvious is you need to get a new phone but you don’t just want to get any phone, you want something good, something very good. Don’t worry, BlackSense’s got you. What you need to know are the DOs and DON’Ts of shopping for a new phone.

Manufacturers make new phone as frequently as people breath (ok, ok, that’s an exaggeration) so it might be stressful to figure out what the best option for your cash is. Spending a ton of money on a phone just to find out it has/doesn’t have a feature or a setting can really take the wind out of your sails. That’s why we have 5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Buy A New Phone.

Set A Budget And Take It Seriously

First thing to do whenever you want to buy absolutely anything is to figure out the highest amount you are willing to pay for that product and never buckle under the pressure when you find a variant that’s just a little bit more expensive. This helps you when you are setting search parameters and (more importantly) it protects your wallet from “in the moment” spending. Get your range and then search for phones that have your desired specs in that range, it’s better than looking through an infinite amount of phones that you know are way beyond your level.

Be Careful With The Numbers

Sometimes bigger doesn’t always mean better. For example, boot time being as small as possible is a good thing. And even in situations where bigger is better, the quality of the product and the detailed specs should be questioned. Manufacturers like to slap on fancy numbers on their product that most people don’t understand so you buy it thinking you just hit the jackpot when you probably just broke your bank for shi shi. Best way to know if your preferred device does what it says it does is to do some research on that phone or ask someone that knows about it.

Be Patient With Newly Released Phones

DO NOT, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT buy a phone immediately it is released. That is the worst mistake you could ever make. Firstly, because the first buyers are basically the beta testers and any issue that the phone has that is reported is later fixed in an update that comes about 2 months after the phone’s release…aka the first buyers getting the crappy, not completely done version. Secondly, waiting gives you the opportunity to check out reviews. Please, don’t underestimate the power of Mobile Phone Reviews. It might even be the most important thing on the list.

Reviews help you see firsthand (through YouTube) how the phone looks, feels and runs, and you also get different opinions on the phone that will help you make up your mind. If the phone you want to buy is already out, chances are that a review is somewhere online. Find it and watch it!

Cheap Phone = Cheap Phone

Remember what we said about setting a budget? Well it also applies here; when you find that phone that is super cheap but looks like it’s just on par with the really expensive phone you want to buy, run like hell! It’s definitely a trap! If you don’t believe me, watch reviews on the phone online so you see what it’s really like. Getting a dirt cheap phone and expecting something superb from it is just wishful thinking.

You can only trust cheap phones if they are coming from mid-range manufacturers that specialize and are known for selling quality, cheap phones.

Ask About The Warranty

This might not seem important but a lot of people forget to ask about the warranty on their phones. How long does it last? What are the conditions? Those kind of stuff are very important for when you accidentaly sit on your phone and crack the screen.

Also phone without warranty are NO GO areas. If a phone is without a warranty from the manufacturer, it means they are probably not confident in their product and that they are not willing to take responsibility for any problem you might encounter

There it is guys, 5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Buy A New Phone. Now you can go out and waste all the money you’ve been saving since last year, the way it’s meant to be wasted. Have a lovely day.

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