Apps, apps, apps, such cunning and elusive chunks of code that always seem to escape our grasp. The best ones always do. Sometimes we catch up and claim the prize but on other occasions we lose them forever. But cheer up old chum, BlackSense is here to tell you all about those crazy apps. Let’s start with the good ones.


Whatsapp Messenger

Ok, I know I know, the chances of you not knowing Whatsapp and near zero but chances of you not using Whatsapp on a Whatsapp-capable phone; that’s a lil higher so let’s work with that. A lot of people do not use Whatsapp and I think it’s because they haven’t been exposed to the benefits of social media being used the right way. Nobody will waste credit calling or texting you if they can just send you Whatsapp message. I mean, why are you even buying data if you are just going to waste your credit like that. Whatsapp also allow you to share image, videos, documents, audio files and even other applications – if you know how to do it. *wink*

Whatsapp is a vital part of our society today, a part you defiantly should not miss out on.


English Dictionary – Offline

If I knew how to read or even write Yoruba (my native language), then I might have said you should get a Yoruba dictionary. But since I only know how to read, write and speak English *averagely* that’s automatically what we all need.

Honestly if you don’t have an English dictionary and you live in a country where in English is the Official language, all you are doing is shooting yourself in the leg and eliminating any chance you might have to even pretend you know English. Having a dictionary by your side not only means you have quick cheat book you can use any time so you don’t look dumb in front of your friends. It also means you now have the opportunity to learn a new word every day without even meaning to. Plus this app has both British and American words.

Get English Dictionary today and save what’s left of your reputation.


ALZip – File Manager & Unzip

ALZip is a… wait a minute I don’t need to explain this!

You need to extract archived files? – Get ALZip!

You need to achieve some files and password said achieved files to keep them away from your younger sister who somehow knows your screen lock pattern after you’ve changed it 300 times? – Get ALZip!

You need a file manager that isn’t like the boring stock File manager that came with the crappy phone your grandmother passed down to you? – Get ALZip!

You make to make your life better generally – Get ALZip!



Oh, the beauty that is Snaptube. Everything a streamer could ever want in an app. You know those awesome videos with baby and cats or those one where people your age are doing amazing things and you wonder what you are doing with your life. Yea those ones. Have you ever wished you could download those videos and show your friends while you are offline? Enter — SnapTube. You can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo(no idea what that is) and YouTube(yes, YouTube. Dreams do come true). Am not sure but I think you can download music from SoundCloud too.


VLC for Android

At this point in life, if you don’t have VLC and you are not over 40… I pray for you, I really do. Do not be fooled, stock android video players are terrible (except the ones that come with Samsung devices. Why do Samsung device have to be so good *weep*). VLC has support for thousands of video and audio codecs basically meaning it doesn’t matter what kind of video you run on it, it will play it. Unless the video is wasn’t downloaded properly in that case just download another one. And another cool trick is that VLC lets you watch videos while they are downloading as long as the part you are watching is already downloaded.


Xender – File Transfer & Share

Interconnectivity! What the essence of coughing up 30 plus thousand naira to buy a phone if you can’t even share music or games or anything without internet? Xender is the best way to go here. There was a time is was another app called Flashshare but I for reasons unknow they just fizzled out of the market. Now Xender reigns supreme in the file sharing business and why not. They execute their job to near perfection. This is one of the really important app you should get.


Candy Crush

All work and no play will be the end of the human race. I am 90% sure that was the original saying, some weirdoes must have changed it as time passed. Truth be told, I never play candy crush (which is why I am the way I am) but I hear it help people to relax and while mildly stimulating the brain so you don’t turn into the next Tarzan. It can also be used to keep the little ones at bay (for some reason unknown to me they love this game). I don’t play it but I have it for that sole purpose. It has saved me more times than I can count.

We love you Candy Crush!



“Seek ye first the kingdom of God…”, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”, “The secret thing belong to God in Heaven, but those things that have been revealed belong to us”. I think it’s impossible to stress how important it is to have a bible with you at all times. Having you bible on your phone is even better because as careful as we may try to be there is always that day when you forget your bible at home when coming to church (yup, sounds ridiculous, but it happens) and luckily (more like surely) you remember to take your phone along.

And sometimes it might not even be for church maybe you just want to hear God speak and your Bible is miles away but your phone isn’t (probably). A physical Bible is always better but having one around is more important than whether it is physical or in your phone.

All these apps are available for on Google Play Store. I trust you know what that is, if not… “May the father of understanding guide you” – Assassin’s Creed reference… if you know, you know


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