Wow, this show almost got cancelled twice now, but miraculously it survived and now it’s moving on to it 3rd season on Netflix in 2019. Thing is lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place so we believe there are some specific reasons why “13 Reasons Why” keeping upstaging its bad press and getting renewed. Try to keep up, here are 13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” was renewed for another season of 13 Reasons Why…. See what i did there?…i said “13 Reasons Why” three times…stands for Season 3…you know what? Don’t even bother! There are no spoilers for Season 2 of the show so if you still haven’t watched it you’re not in any danger. Read on.

13 Reasons Why Season 3

13RW Has A Great Foundation

13RW(The Series) Season 1 was based off a book of the same name by Jay Asher that was received very well critically. This coupled with some excellent directing gives 13RW a good footing for the seasons to follow. Now, even though Katherine Langford who plays Hannah Baker will not be returning for Season 3, the show has done enough to build a compelling story outside the script of the book.

The Story Is Actually Progressing

Most times, with really successful TV shows based off some sort of preexisting material(like The Walking Dead) start to lose their fire when they deviate too much from the source material. A lot of people said a lot of things before Season 2 arrived, mainly stating that the story couldn’t progress from where it had stopped and this was just going to some kind of cash grab, but 13RW proved them wrong and that is because…

13RW Is A Series Centered Around A Message

This show is not your typical late night leisure binge worthy teen drama. It has a message and it hits those points constantly. Every episode reminds you that this show is passing something across and makes you ask yourself whether you need to be jotting some things down or whether there is someone you should share it with.

The Producers/Directors Know Their Stuff

Adding a warning at the start of the first episode was an great idea from the directive team behind this show. It goes to show that these people are not just working on the project for the money but that they are genuinely passionate about the message being spread. And when there was some back lash against the show for the very graphic nature of the finale for Season 2, the directors stood behind their work firmly and explained that that was necessary for the kind of show they are making.

The Show Itself Know What It Is

13RW’s entire crew takes the show extremely seriously and with that level of commitment, getting Netflix to approve another season was easy. Ross Butler, an actor that was playing the character of Reggie in Riverdale left the show because he felt like he needed to put more time and effort into 13RW, saying he was sure the show would be renewed for a second season and he would very much like to be a part of it.

The Show Know Who It Is For

13RW, among other things, shows people how common and destructive bullying, rape and stigmatization are in our society. In that, it knows its target audience and doesn’t lose sight of that ever. That’s why most casual viewer would be disturbed by how far they are willing to go.

The Bad Press

There’s a saying that goes, “Any publicity is good publicity” and that has definitely worked for 13RW. For every negative tweet, comment and bad review, two other outlets raise up and explain why 13RW is exactly what is needed in their communities. Now, so many people know about 13RW and there are so many opinions, but one thing is sure; everyone wants a lil more.

Amazing Actors

I felt it was important to mention what these guys are doing as its own point. So many show die out because of it’s cast; either because of their off-camera attitude or the fact that they are just plan terrible, point is 13RW benefits from fact that its cast is so believable on-screen that its hard to look at them as just actor playing a role. Not only is this important for a good series, it’s especially important for a show like 13RW where the story needs to appear as real as possible to pass the message across.

It’s Not Just Showing

Identifying the problem is just one part, it still needs to be solved. 13RW makes sure to explain in plain terms what to do if you are in the situation they are showing, what to do at that moment and how to deal with it if it is or has already happened. This tick all the boxes for the kind of show 13RW should be. Not just showing the problem and creating awareness but also taking time to explain how to address it.

They Chose Well

Streaming the show on Netflix was one of the best decisions the show could have made. The fact that all the episodes are released at once is the best way this show could air properly and Netflix being the way they are gives 13RW the kind of freedom it need to talk about what needs to be said.

It Redefined Entertainment

Childish Gambino, in his song “This is America”, explained that entertainment which is the easiest way to reach people is now being used to distract them from the problems at hand. 13RW does not fall in that category. It has taken the first step and given other people the courage to do what is right and say what needs to be said. HBO is starting a new series that has a lot of similarities to 13RW called “Euphoria” staring…you’ll never guess who…Zendaya! Yea. Seems like a lot of people are getting the message and are acting accordingly.

The Fan Base Is Alive And Radical

I couldn’t really find another word to describe this people expect “fans”. These guys understand how important 13RW is and are willing to fight for it. They would probably riot if the show gets cancelled.

That Ending…

The way Season 2 ended meant there definitely had to be another Season. So many loose ends and unanswered questions. We want more, we need more and we are definitely getting more.

And there it is guys, 13 reasons. Props if you stuck with the article till the absolute end and didn’t just go through the headings. So those are our thoughts here at BlackSense. Let me know what you think 13RW did right that made sure they would get renewed for another season or why you think 13RW needs to end, let us know everything in the comment section.

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