Firstly, I said “finally” because it should be come knowledge by now(if you are a fan of either game) that FIFA has always been ahead of PES when it comes to making sales and roping players in to try them out, and PES…well PES has also always been right behind them striving to be the best. PES focuses more in on pleasing their hard-core fans so it’s hard for anyone looking to try the series (of games) out to remain hooked. Secondly, PES only need to crush FIFA in the money-making department. Many critics and reviewers agree that PES’ gameplay, that is, their simulation of real football is far better than that of FIFA’s. So why are they always falling behind FIFA? Here what I think is causing it and here are the changes we want to see in upcoming games.

I don’t even know why I’m doing this…I mean if you don’t know, why are you even here, men? Whatever! I’ll tell you either way:

PES – Pro Evolution Soccer.
FIFA – …hmmmmmmm, wait I think this one’s just FIFA…weird.

They Are Scared of Looking Like They’re Ripping Off Ideas

You see, the thing with PES is that they feel people will hate or call them copy-cats them if they pick what is cool about FIFA games and improve on it so they do it stealthily so no one really notices. For the past 3 years now PES has been making slight changes to the way the ball and the players interact. IGN reviewed PES 18 and tagged the game “More Evolution than Revolution”. In 2016, they made ball control animations and skills that was just out of this world! In 2017, they gave the ball some weight so it moves like a real ball when passed around the field. Now, in 2018, they made player-ball movements and skills so realistic and clean, that you can dribble easily by just moving the L-stick.
If you’re following you should be able to connect these features to stuff FIFA has had and has been building on for years. PES saw that they could make a better version of it and they did…it just took 3 years!
PES needs to stop being so scared. If you know it’s good, pick it up and make it your thing, make it our thing. Stuff like the “Quick-Sub” feature added this year and “The Journey” that has been around since last year are awesome add-ons that would even make a PES fan consider buying FIFA just to try it out. If KONAMI put stuff like these in their game, they improve the quality of their games, keep their fans from leaving and rack up the number of people that play PES.

Then there’s That Commentary!

Geez, I can’t remember the last time PES did complete change to the commentary system…maybe 2014 or 2015. Now all they do is add phrases to it. Not cool, KONAMI, not cool. It’s gotten so bad that my friend and I recite what the words as they are being said in the game. It’s always funny, but when you think about it, it’s kinda sad too. It’s practically impossible to know what the commentary in FIFA is gonna be per time, there’s just too much. PES, I love Jim Beglin, but we gotta do something about him saying the same thing 10 times in one match.

We Need Licenses!

#WNL is definitely going up on social media in 2019 is PES doesn’t step up their game. Amma right guys?! Who’s with me?!

Ok, look I know this problem isn’t exactly their fault. FIFA has it easy when it comes to licenses, it’s there’s but default. But for PES, getting licenses means making deals and these deal could be the difference between profit and loss. Which is why I think PES is so picky about who they get in bed with. Hopefully, they get to that point where it won’t matter whether the team is business friendly of not and they just partner with all the teams. Cuz, when PES does partnerships they go all out! Stadiums! Kits! Jersey! Celebrations! So we know we are getting the full package.

The people at KONAMI working of PES are the one of most amazing people in the world. They have to roll out an awesome game every single year and somehow they always make me want to go out and buy game and, honestly, when the controller is in my hand and I am thrashing my mates, none of these points matter. It’s just me, my friend and this awesome game.


So, let’s all keep hoping for that perfect PES game. Thankfully, unlike some companies, KONAMI actually listens to their fans.

Signing out, Dee.

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  1. Nyc one dee…… That commentary sucks

    1. PES 19 will be out August 30th. Lets see if they fix things

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