Hello guys, so I stumbled on some interesting news about Spider-Man 2, the sequel to Homecoming and it turned out to be the details about the entire plot of the movie. Crazy right? Yea. One thing I do want to stress is that 1 out 5 of these supposed plot leaks don’t actually come true so don’t put all your eggs in this basket. But in case it turns out to be true…

Spoiler Alert!!!

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The Title

Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel Leaked

So yea, a title for the sequel is a really important thing. Calling it Spider-Man 2 just felt like we’re describing the Sam Rammy film and calling it Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel is just too much of a mouthful. Well, we are in luck, the sequel has been titled…drumroll please…”Spider-Man: A Field Trip Far From Home”. I honestly don’t know how am supposed to feel about this title. It sounds cool but also a little chessy. Homecoming had a lot of meaning attached to it; in the literal “homecoming” sense and in the indirect “Spidey is coming back to Marvel” sense. I guess we will just have to wait a little longer before we can have any concrete details. Let me know what you think about the title.

The Villians

Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel Leaked

Jake Gyllenhaal has been cast to play the role of Mysterio and that’s actually concrete news. The fish bowl look won’t be appearing throughout the movie but it will definitely be in the movie. Vulture and Scorpion are also in the movie but it looks like they will still be in prison during the movie. Scorpion is still trying to find out who Spidey is from Vulture. There will be a major comic book villain, let’s call the dude X for now, that will make a brief appearance in the movie. Marvel will be setting him up to be a big problem for Spidey moving forward. I am tempted to guess it will be the Green Goblin but I kinda feel Marvel really wants to avoid most of the common stuff from the previous Spider-Man movies.

Actual Plot

Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel Leaked

The movie will take place primarily in London after the events of Avengers 4. Peter has been revived and Tony is dead…yea that’s right, Tony Stark is dead and Peter is still dealing with the loss. His presence is still evident in the movie as Spidey discovers Tony made a very crazy weapon/technology that Mysterio is looking to steal; it is now Spider-Man’s job to stop him before he gets his hands on it. Mysterio will be the main villain for the movie and he is being set up to be like an world-class thief coupled with his illusion powers. An MI6 operative names Jessica Drew teams up with Spidey to take down Mysterio and it will be nice to see how their dynamic works because she probably won’t know he is just a kid under the mask. X turns out to be the one who hired Mysterio and Scorpion.

So there you have it guys, the entire plot details for Spider-Man 2. For any and all things Marvel, keep it here on BlackSense.

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