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Come along for a magical ride as our poets rhyme the world away with beautiful words from the deepest part of themselves. So let your inner philosopher out and dive in. It’s a wonderful time to be into poetry.😉

Short Stories

One crazy quote reads, “I’m a 🎮gamer🎮, not cuz I don’t have a life, but cuz I choose to have many. That applies to stories too, stories have a way for grabbing you and tossing you into a completely different world. Have an awesome adventure…🤴🏾👩🏾‍🚀


Full Disclosure: Some of the BlackSense authors are legit weirdos.😅. But, normal’s always been overrated. Read short bios by the authors on themselves and maybe you’ll find a new BFF.✌.

About Us

Hola Amigos!! One way or the other you’ve ended up here and now, we’re not letting you go *leg grab* There’s no escaping here so get ready to dive into our world of fun, craziness and unbeatable awesomeness.

We’ve got everything you could ever dream of to keep you from getting bored. Are you into games or movies? Head over to our Entertainment section for a full dose. And maybe you’re more of a “read about what other people do” type. Awesome! Just check out our Life As I Know It category. You’re going to laugh your head off (I know I did😂). Poems? We’ve got loads of them right here. That’s not all, we’ve got so much more to offer so why not go ahead and check them out for yourself Adiós! See you on the flip side.

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